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Here’s that Singles-With-P Site You’ve Been Asking For
from Susan

Hi Ed: Just wanted to see if you might add this to your list of links. 

Singles With Psoriasis

I set up this forum because I feel so sorry for all the singles in my P groups.  They ALWAYS complain and wish they could meet other sufferers like themselves.  And I want them to find someone to love.  I am happy and married for almost 20 yrs. And have searched for sites to send them to, but mostly find dead ones.   I’m also sensitive to the fact that WEBtv people can’t use those chatrooms that are programmed in java. 

Anyway.  I love your site, and you deserve a medal for keeping it up like you do!  -Susan


Ed’s Response:   Thanks for the complement, Susan, and thanks for setting up “Singles With Psoriasis.”  At least once a year someone writes to me asking for directions to a singles site for flakers.  I’m happy to add yours to the “Other Places” page here.

Also for those interested, there’s a Yahoo group (forum) for singles with psoriasis:


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