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Lonely and Flaking in the UK
from Annie

Ed:  Such a relief to read the views of others with this condition.   

Is there a similar support group in UK?  I haven't managed to find one. Also a relief to see I'm not the only person who pours out feelings of despair onto paper.  I try to joke about it — after all, ignoring it hasn't helped!  I'm lucky that friends accept it and even manage not to flinch, but with people who don't know me, or new acquaintances, I'm always very embarrassed.  There seem to be so many people who have it statistically, but I never see them.  When I do notice it I want to run up and acknowledge it — you'd think it was some sort of privileged group!

My last visit to a (new) dermatologist was a misery because I refused to take any more drugs as they only work short term, and I can't see what damage they're doing to me.  At least I can see how bad my psoriasis is.  His comment that it probably “played havoc with my social life” was not amusing.  What social life?  I feel like a leper.  Maybe we should start a psoriasis dating site!   Someone who understands and won't flinch, who knows why you “don't do daylight,” and why a “special occasion” is often just a special torture.

Hope I don't sound too miserable.  I usually love life, but every so often it seems that no-one is trying to find out WHY we get it.  And, does anyone else with this condition suffer from an all-most-permanent sore throat?

Glad I found you. You're now in my favourites.

Thanks.  –Annie


Ed’s Response:  Glad you found us Annie.  There’s an “international forum group” based in the UK you might want to peruse at

Also, with regard to an on-line dating service for flakers, your email was serendipitous.  See Here’s that Singles With P Site You’ve Been Asking For in this month’s email.

Interesting about your “almost-permanent-sore throat.”  We know that bouts of strep throat are popular triggers for guttate P, but I’ve not heard about sore throats in general being associated with active plaque P.   But considering that P is an immune system dysfunction, it’s probably not too far fetched to think other immune system problems might coexist with it, including one that allows throat infections to linger (and linger and linger).  Have you had it cultured to find out if it’s a bug?

Write again, Annie, and tell us what drugs you’ve tried.  Though there are a lot of shared drugs and treatment regimens between the UK and the US, I’ve sensed a lot of differences, too.  We’d be interested in your story.  -Ed

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