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Worst It’s Been in 18 Years
from Karen A.

Dear Ed:  I've just started my first ever round of Cyclosporine and a new tub of ointments and for some reason I got up at 1:30 a.m. and can't get back to sleep.  Thought I'd surf the web and stumbled into FlakeHQ.  What a hoot.  I've bookmarked it and plan to be a regular.  I'm tired of all the clinical talk and whine sessions.  Humor is huge in our family and it's exactly what I need right now.  THANK YOU!

I don't use my P as a crutch or an excuse.  I've lived with it for 18 years, although it's never been as bad as I have it now.  I've had so many things going on in my life in the last two years that I just stopped going to my Derm.  (Although, that particular Derm always made me wait over an hour in the waiting room, then another half an hour in a thin paper drape in the exam room, just to see me for 5 minutes and dash out.)  I wouldn't say that my current state is a "flare."  It's more like an "explosion."  Knees and elbows have it the worst. Walking is painful and the itch is unbearable. 

Saw a new derm last Friday.  Filled a prescription for some ointment and put it on yesterday for the first time.  My knees got so red and inflamed.  Hot, burning pain for hours on end.  I opted to stay home from work for the day.  Since my boss is difficult to convince when it comes to illnesses, I thought I'd show her what I'm dealing with.  Had my Hubby take a digital photo of my legs and forearms in one shot.  I e-mailed it to her.  Got my day off without any problem.  –Karen A.


Ed’s Response:  There you go, Flake readers!  That over-the-edge excuse you’ve been waiting for to buy a digital camera! 

I can just imagine how well that photograph worked, Karen!  I’d use that ploy myself if I worked “physically” in my company’s office.  Unfortunately I’m a telecommuter.  They know I have P.  The only excuse I could make out of my P that’s work related would be:  “My house is full of flakes.  I’ve got to come into the office today.”  That hardly seems productive.

I’d be interested to know what ointment you used that caused so much burning.  It wasn’t, by any chance, Tazorac, was it?  That ointment burned me (click here for story). 

Now that you’ve found us, Karen, I hope you’ll stay in touch.  -Ed

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