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Olux Foam: First Thing to Work in 25 Years
from JL

Dear Ed:  I just now found your site by accident.  I've had psoriasis since Senior Year in High School.  I'm now 42 ... so it's been a long life with flakes.

I just wanted to report that the greatest success I've ever had with a product came 6 months ago.  I tried Olux Foam (prescription) on my scalp for the first time.  In 5 days, all the psoriasis on my scalp was clear.  The first time in 25 years!  I actually like going to the salon now.  This stuff is amazing and yes, expensive!  It's just like using hair mousse: no smell, no color, easy as can be. 

Now for the rest of my body!

Thank you for your site! –JL


Ed’s Response:  This is great news, JL.  I’ve been hearing similar reports from other flakers, too. 

Olux Foam contains clobetasol propionate, a strong topical corticosteroid that’s been used on P lesions for a long time.  Before Olux, however, it was rarely prescribed for scalp P because there wasn’t a safe “delivery mechanism.”  The conventional topical versions of the product were considered too strong for safe use on the thin skin of the scalp.  Olux has beaten that primarily through their innovative foam base that, as you point out, feels like a mousse and works wonders as a fast penetrating base.

And guess what!  NOW Olux is approved for full-body use, too.  Consult your derm.  I’m hearing from more and more flakers who say that foam is working well on ALL their lesions.

If the Enbrel doesn’t start working for me pretty soon, I’m about to try Olux Foam myself.

Thanks for writing, JL.  -Ed

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