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So Far Enbrel Not Working
from Kathy

Ed:  Can anyone out there shed any light on this combination? 

My husband (53) has had psoriasis 43 years.  Obviously we've been down the road for all treatments, including a hospital stay this past September for methotrexate toxicity.  

After the September experience he was put on Soriatane then, 2 months ago, Enbrel was added to the meds.  About a month ago Soriatane was discontinued because he seemed to be responding (to Enbrel we thought) and had already developed many of the side effects of the Soriatane (not the first time he used it).  Anyway — he is now getting worse at a rapid rate — still using Enbrel.  Any info about a soriatane rebound or similar experiences out there? 

We're hanging in with the Enbrel but back to creams and Saran wrap.  Thanks for any info or suggestions.  –Kathy


Ed’s Response:  Reading this, Kathy, was like taking a peak at a journal somebody else was writing about me!  Replace Soriatane, in your husband’s story, with methotrexate, in mine, and the plots are identical.

Actually, I’m into my third month on Enbrel, now, and the P is still in a rebound phase, I think from the cessation of methotrexate.  It’s even coming back on my nose — where I haven’t had a lesion for over ten years! 

In answer to your question about potential relapse when Soriatane is stopped:  this is typical.  From the Soriatane web site:

You should keep in mind, however, that because some degree of relapse commonly occurs after therapy is discontinued, many patients may require maintenance therapy with Soriatane.  

I’m thinking, in my own case, that I must give the Enbrel more time to work.  I’m being extraordinarily patient (so far) and telling myself I will go six months before giving up on this new wonder drug. 

Meanwhile, I’m doing the same thing your husband is doing.  Topicals and occlusion.  (Though I’m not sticking my head in a trash bag overnight to occlude that unsightly nose lesion!)

Let us know how your husband progresses on the Enbrel.  I want to compare notes some more.  –Ed

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