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Acrodermatitis Continua Sufferer Seeking Correspondents
from Barbara M.

Hello Ed, hope this email finds you keeping well. I stumbled over your website whilst trying to investigate my diagnosis of Acrodermatitis Continua.  Firstly, thank you for making the site available as I'm feeling quite isolated given the rarity of my condition.  I've only recently been diagnosed but as yet, have not discovered anyone else suffering from it in my area.

I live in Birmingham, England and have A.C on seven of my fingers, along with the soles of my feet as well as a couple of toes just for good measure! 

I would really be interested in hearing from anyone else out there, but in the meantime, thanks for allowing me to get in touch.  All the best,  -Barbara M.



Ed’s Response:  For other correspondence here about “acrodermatitis continua”, search on these two words surrounded by quotes (" ") from the home page (click search on the navigation bar at the top of this page).

We’re learning more about acrodermatitis continua from you and other correspondents, Barbara.  We would be interested in reading about your treatment regimen.

Best of luck. -Ed

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