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Continuing Good News About Remicade
from Linda D.

Backstory:  Remicade and Arava Have Me Cleared

Ed:  Wondering how you are doing, since you’ve done methotrexate and cyclosporine.  Did you have any neurological effects on high doses of methotrexate?  When I was on 20 mg a week, I did some bizarre things — like throw out a laundry basket containing 22 shirts.  I had dizzy spells while sitting down.  Job performance surely effected — concentration and memory.

I’m still using Remicade successfully.  Went 10 weeks (instead of 8 weeks) between infusions this time, not a good idea.  Was hopeful I could maybe go 12 weeks or so.  Arthritic pains in hands, feet and lower back came back first, then lesions on arms and legs, but not many.  I’m now 9 days after infusion and arthritic pain is gone, lesions are fading.  This stuff is amazing.  I’ve now had 5 pain-free, itch-free months.  I no longer have terminal dandruff, and I might buy some shorts soon.  That’s iffy, at least the P hid the cellulite!  -Linda D.


Ed’s Response:  I don’t believe I behave bizarrely on methotrexate, but since I’m well into my second year on this drug, I’ve asked some of those people close to me if they’ve noticed anything unusual.

Wife:  “Unusual compared to what?”

Son-in-law:  “This is a joke.  Right?”

Grand daughter:  “You’re always goofy.”

Daughter:  “I won’t touch this subject with a ten-foot pole.”

Co-worker (over the phone):  “You expect me to discuss this over an un-scrambled line?”

Close friend/advisor:  (Long pregnant pause, then:)  “You’ve normalized recently.”

Your continuing great results on Remicade warm us all, Linda.  Keep up the reports!  -Ed

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