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Prodigal Returns from Abroad with News of Elta
from Roger D.

Ed: It's great to get back to FlakeHQ after nearly a year's absence. I was out of the country (East Africa) and out of touch, at least with email and computers. I'm really sorry about not sending a card or letter. I hope you understand. I'll try to do better this summer. [Roger is, to date, our only self-proclaimed nudist flaker. A fact which he has so far failed to illustrate in spite of my repeated invitations for postcards or snapshots. -Ed]

The sun and climate did my P a lot of good and I looked better than I had in several years when I got back at the end of January. The highlands of East Africa are relatively dry and that seems to help almost as much as the sunlight, which I enjoyed daily.

I'm looking forward to keeping the newly acquired "glow" by hitting camp soon and often — the pool will open in late April, so I don't have long to wait. ["Camp" is the nudist camp Roger frequents. -Ed]

By the way, I found a great skin moisturizer that really helps the dryness and itching. It's formulated for diabetes-related dry skin, so you may have experience with it — Elta, the melting moisturizer. All it contains is petrolatum, paraffin, mineral oil, PVP Eicosene Copolymer. I can't find anything against its use and it definitely reduces itching.

Enough for now. I've still got a lot of archive reading to do to catch up for all the months I was gone. Regards, -Roger D.


Ed’s Response: Welcome back, stranger. I’ll allow the change of venue might have interrupted your routine a bit, but we know the web penetrates Africa (search on "Hazel" from the home page for correspondence from our most prolific African correspondent). But we’re glad to have you back.

And, as always, you come bearing gifts. I learned more about Elta here. Thanks for the tip.

Of course, the big question in all our minds is how you weathered nearly a year away from your beloved camp? Did you find a suitable (pun intended) alternate facility where you were in Africa? And, if so, why did we not receive any postcards? -Ed

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