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Skin C Check-up — And P While You’re At It
from Sherry in Crockett

Hi Ed: February's Briefing and Letters were worth the wait. I was about to email to ask if you were okay, checked the FlakeHQ URL one more time, and voila, there was my evening's good read.

The new derm has me dabbing with Tazorac (which didn't work with another derm a year or so ago). This time I'm to add clobetasol propionate to ameliorate the Tazorac irritation. The first goes on in the morning and the other at night. It has been just over a week, and I notice no difference between the 30 or so spots from the knee down on the treated leg vs. the control leg.

I had told her I was there merely for the usual skin cancer check, "forget about the psoriasis," but she wanted to do something, so I cooperated by saying I'd experiment. Who knows. It may take another month or so, there'll be a clearing, and when I stop being a slave to the treatment or when the treatment wears out, my right leg will be back to square one. Just so long as it doesn't worsen, I guess I'll humor her.

As for skin cancer, this time no biopsies were required. Of the four I had in September, three were actinic keratoses (precursors to cancer). Two became infected and one turned out to be basal cell, which, of course, had to be attacked again, and of course was on my face.

This is merely a quick rant from another psoriatic with skin cancers. As long as I keep covered, which is easy in winter, most people look at me and think I'm quite healthy. Makes me wonder what other people are putting up with that the rest of us don't have a clue about.

Thanks once again for your site. Keep up the good work and your wonderful humor. -Sherry in Crockett


Ed’s Response: Good to hear from you, Sherry. Your battle with skin C is really your white whale — and a Melville-sized epic, to boot. As long as we’ve been corresponding you’ve never let your guard down, fought the skin C vigorously, and your humor remains intact ... all of which humbles me. I hope you don’t mind that I periodically have to wave you around like a banner example of "good attitude."

Let us know how the combo Tazorac/clobetasol regimen works out.

<wave> <wave> <wave> -Ed

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