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Broken Ankle Made Lesions Go Away - Follow-up
from Shirley F.

Backstory: Broken Ankle Made Lesions Go Away

How did I break my leg? Well Ed, after 40 years of climbing on most mountains in Europe, I tripped off my back step after an alcoholic lunch. That'll teach me, perhaps. And, yes, I did have a long forced rest. My P is still nearly asleep. Take care, -Shirley F.


Ed’s Response: So maybe we can attribute the P-improvement to your recuperation, not to the broken ankle.

And yes, I’m familiar with those embarrassing imbibatory (imbibational?) accidents. Quite a few years ago — at the beginning of the in-line skating craze — I learned the hard way that an evening roll-about could be disastrous after a happy hour tryst with Canadian blended whiskey.... -Ed

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