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Crash Dieting Stopped Her Flaking
from Nancy S.

Hi Ed I love your site!! I too am a psoriasis sufferer. Mine started at the age of about five with the plaque kind that covered my knees and elbows. I look back on my childhood years with terror and remember how alienated I felt and how I wished I could just be "normal" like other kids. Anyway, after many years of all the different topical treatments that made my condition wax and wane, my psoriasis just decided to "go away" around age 13.

The condition went away after a very prolonged "crash diet" as I was slightly overweight and becoming very body-conscious. I know this crash diet was not healthy by any means as I did lose a lot of weight in a short period of time. But I can’t help but wonder: Was there a connection?

I stayed in remission almost completely until I became pregnant with my second son at age 30! The lesion started on my knee and I just freaked because the old specter had come back to haunt me!

I'm 33 now and this is the worst part. This past Christmas I came down with strep throat and I bet you can almost guess what I am going to say next. Yes, several weeks after the infection cleared with antibiotics I developed Guttate P almost everywhere except (thank God) not on my face. I have had it for about a month and a half now and have confidence that it will go away as soon as I can get in the sun (I now live in a warm sunny climate unlike when I was a child).

I have a little extra weight on and I am seriously thinking about going on some kind of a modified fast to see if it may help my psoriasis. So my question is, have you ever heard a similar story from anyone else whose psoriasis cleared after radical diet changes or crash dieting? Thanks, -Nancy S.


Ed’s Response: If you search on the word "diet" here, Nancy, you will be referred to at least 47 documents (mostly mail). As I haven’t finished with all the mail for this month, by the time you read this there may be even more references from a search on "diet." Point is, there is no such thing as a strange relationship between P and diet because anything — and everything — goes. So, depending on your point of view, it’s either all very strange or there’s nothing strange about any of it.

People have been cleared on diets. Diets have triggered others to flame. Some people have flaked imperviously through all sorts of dietary experimentation.

One of the most widely touted diets for psoriasis has been named the "Pagano Diet" after the man who wrote the book describing it. (Search on Pagano here and you will get at least 12 references.) You should probably look into the Pagano diet because it meets your criteria of radical and it’s likely to be a good weight-loss regimen, too (although I’ve heard no direct testimony to this effect).

I said many times before — and nothing’s changed my mind — that diet should be related to flaking because our very lives are contingent upon our diets. The fact that a radical diet change improved your P once before is, to my thinking at least, encouraging. And if you are wanting to lose weight as well.... What’s the down side?

Let us know what works! -Ed

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