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More Success with the Pagano Diet
from Meredith L.

Ed: I just came upon your web site and saw some controversy regarding the Pagano Diet. I have had psoriasis for about thirty years and was covered on about 90% of my body. I have been on the Pagano diet for five months. I am about 65% clear. Those areas that still remain are much improved with no flaking or roughness, just reddish or pink smooth skin. I hope to continue to improve and be clear in the next month or two.

The diet is restrictive, but not as hard as it seems at first. The hardest thing for me to give up was tomatoes. I have had occasion during the five months to see that straying from the diet causes problems. While on vacation, I was not able to maintain it since I was staying with friends and the condition of my sin regressed. I also had a flare during a time of great personal stress. However, I am taking NO prescription drugs and am making steady improvement even though it is winter. I strongly urge people to give this a try. -Meredith L.


Ed’s Response: Congratulations on your self-discipline, Meredith. In the years I’ve been getting mail about the Pagano diet I can’t recall anyone who stuck to the diet but said "it didn’t work." Those who denigrate the diet usually do so because they could not maintain it. The letters I’ve received, like yours, that say the diet works have come from people that stuck to it. In other words, evidence mounts! (See Pagano’s Diet Works; also, search on "Pagano" from the FlakeHQ home page.)

For the other side of the argument, this is a good place to start: Skeptical About the Pagano Diet.

Thanks for sharing your success with us, Meredith. -Ed

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