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Daughter’s Doing Well
from Dedo

1. School is Mistaking Daughter’s P for Head Lice
2. Head Lice Mistake Garners Apology
3. Daughter’s Inpatient Treatment and Trial ]

Mr. Dewke: Sorry for the long time between letters. Unfortunately I haven’t moved, yet. We didn’t get the big tax refund we were counting on. So, back to the drawing board. But while I try to work this all out my daughter is staying with her birth father, an hour away from me but much closer to where she goes for treatment. And, I’m happy to report, she has her P under control. She goes to light therapy 2-3 times a week and uses Dovonex on very few small spots. She still has some flaking of the scalp, but the doctors are really trying to find the thing that works for her. Overall we couldn't be happier with the way things are going.

I still haven't been to the derm for me. However, spring is coming and that means sunshine. YEAH, I can't wait! It will be nice to get some relief.

I also said that stress doesn't trigger an outbreak for me. I think I might need to re-evaluate that statement as I am very broke out at the moment.

Thanks for everything. -Dedo


Ed’s Response: This is terrific news, Dedo. Your own flare comes as no shocker: Considering your past six months, I commend you for having the presence of mind to write to us! In your shoes I’d probably be staring out a window while waiting for my next electric shock treatment. (Those slippers are really quite comfortable....)

I hope spring and sunshine brings you total relief from your flaking! -Ed

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