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Hazel’s Back and Wants To Chat
from Hazel

Over the long Christmas break (sorry, happy New Year to you, may it be extremely prosperous) I discovered chat rooms. and I was thinking that this would be a wonderful way for all of us to really talk to one another, have some fun and share our problems and successes. Mind you, if this has already been tried, please excuse me for not paying attention. If it hasn't, why don't you announce that a room will be open on a certain date and time and see what happens. The worst will be that you will sit and talk to yourself, could be the only intelligent conversation you have all day.

The timing could be difficult for us overseas types but if you build it Ed, you know we will come.

Have been sent to a new derm so keep your fingers crossed for me, personally I'm not going to hold my breath. Been there, done that, and I wash the car with the T-shirt. Love to all, -Hazel, Rustenburg, South Africa.


Ed’s Response: Welcome home, Hazel. You went to England over the holidays, didn’t you? I assume you’ve drug your Sorry Bottom back home and returned to work!*

You’re the second person this month to bring up on-line chat (a.k.a. Internet Relay Chat, and other modernized names). The other correspondent asked that I not post his letter, so I’m glad I may post yours. Several months ago, our friend John I. in the Philippines started Flakerchat on the Undernet (a form of IRC). Try finding "Flakerchat" through your IRC software. I spent quite awhile logging on and looking for company, but it never happened. The last I heard from John—several months ago—he said they did get active in the evening hours Australian and Pacific Basin-time (middle of my work day).

There’s another chat for psoriatic arthritis that might interest you. You can read all about it at the Psoriatic Arthritis Support [] site. These are (or were—hopefully they are still going on) weekly scheduled chats.

I’m flattered that you think my involvement would, like Kevin Costner’s baseball diamond in a cornfield, draw chatters. Unfortunately, I thought I was involved in Flakerchat and ended up spending a pre-scheduled evening, like you described, sitting and talking to myself. But regrettably, it was far from the only intelligent conversation I’d had all day. I wasn’t even amused by my jokes.

If you find people to chat with, let us know! -Ed

* You didn’t think I’d forget, did you? Go to Sorry Bottom in the Archives.

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