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Hypnotherapy Sounds Plausible
from Lola

Hi, Ed. Regarding "Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis" in your February mail: I just started taking a course to become a therapist, thinking that I'd get the opportunity to try it out on myself. My P is not so bad since menopause, though for five years or so it was worse than it had ever been. I'm convinced mine stays pretty much under control with careful attention to diet.

I remember posting many of my experiences over a period of years to the newsgroup. Frankly, since I've become less FOCUSED on it, it seems better also! Perhaps giving up my daily (compulsive) visits to the Boards actually helped! [See Newsgroup in "Other Places" for link to the best known Board. -Ed] Anyway, I think hypnotherapy sounds plausible. After all, it's been used successfully in biofeedback for a multitude of disorders. It doesn't seem so far fetched that it might just be utilized to slow down the rapid multiplying of cells that characterize P. I'll keep you posted! Keep up the good work. The site looks terrific! -Lola


Ed’s Response: Nice to see your moniker on an e-communique again, Lola! You were a glowing presence on those boards when I was a flaking newbie and I want to take an opportunity right now to say Thank You for helping me readjust my attitude about living with P. Your presence here is, for me, a blessing.

Hypnotherapy DOES sound plausible. I hope I didn’t come off as poo-pooing it in last month’s e-mail reply to Glorya. I hope she does keep us apprized of her husband’s case. And if you decide to dabble in mesmerizing, you keep us informed, too. Okay?

I dabbled in the biofeedback business as an undergraduate psych student. (I had to choose between that or working with lab rats and mazes. The better looking girls were choosing biofeedback experiments, so I padded along behind them like the lapdog wannabe I was.) As I recall, I accomplished reducing my heart rate. I got credit for that accomplishment. What I never told the professor was he tested me on a day when one Melissa S. didn’t show up for lab and that’s what probably slowed my heart rate.

Even if you don’t pursue self-hypnosis, Lola, stay in touch. -Ed

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