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Cod and Flax Oil Cleared Me
from Connie

I don't know if you could use this info or not.... I have suffered from severe P for 12 years. About a month and a half ago I started taking cod liver oil and flax oil twice a day. I am AMAZED at the result: almost totally cleared! I never thought I would have a normal scalp or skin again. -Connie


Ed’s Response: I just hope you’ve been taking these oils in gel-tabs, rather than spooning them down. I remember cod liver oil from my childhood (pre-flaking days)—before there were gel-tabs. There seemed to be a panoply of ailments remedied by Grandma with cod liver oil. The very threat of consuming it induced better health!

You did not say WHY you started taking cod and flax oil twice a day, Connie. Was it because you had heard it might improve your flaking, or was that a happy accident? Do me a favor and e-mail again in April. I’m eager to learn if you’re still (a) taking the oils twice daily and (b) still in P-remission. Sometimes these traumatic nutrition supplement regimens can shock a system into behavior that doesn’t last long. Hopefully in your case, of course, it will last a good long time! Do let us know. (Meanwhile, I’m going to search for a source of cod and flax oils in gel-tabs, just in case!) -Ed

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