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Mustering Psorigon Victims in the U.K.
from Cherry S.

Hi Ed: I absolutely love your site. The story of the boy hospitalised in Cambridge is very similar to mine. [See Psorigon Danger, from Simon D. in Archives.] Thanks to Psorigon I spent my first P-free summer last year! I wore shorts and everything!!

In 2 days I am visiting my derm to get something—UVA/methotrexate—as my skin is 200% worse. It would be easier for me to say where my P is not. It's all over me including my privates, etc. I gaily used Psorigon for 9 months unaware of the danger. Simon D. mentioned that he has written to Pharmavita [manufacturers of PS-98, the "replacement" Psorigon] to claim compensation. This is what interests me. I work for my local authority in Essex, England. I run a council help shop and answer queries on almost any subject, so it is in my nature to want to find things out. I think I may have discovered a solicitor who deals in medical legalities, but he specialises in STEROIDS.

I know that as guest correspondents on your site we do not have to leave our e-mail addresses, but I would really like to hear from all the BRITS who have suffered because of Psorigon and co-ordinate some sort of legal action. Please, if any of the previous writers are reading—take some photos of the state you are in and contact me. Let's form a group and take Pharmavita for everything we can. I am so angry. The English are currently getting a reputation for being a soft touch. LETS DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. I'm willing to find out. I need all you Brits to contact me!!! I am taking all the paperwork (some from this site) with me in 2 days when I visit my derm..... Next stop—a solicitor!!!! -Cherry Swallow ([email protected])

Please print my appeal and e mail address.  -CS


Ed’s Response: Hopefully by now (February 27), Cherry, you’ve received some response from the half dozen FlakeHQ correspondents who’ve been burned by Psorigon. I forwarded your email to all of them.

You may be in luck having found a solicitor who specializes in steroids. While I imagine his normal case has to do with the formerly bulked-up dummies who ruined their health by taking steroids to promote muscle mass; nonetheless, steroids are steroids and your case might be an interesting diversion for him. We in the U.S. were the UNWITTING dummies who took steroids to achieve normal skin thinking Skin Cap was a steroid-free concoction. Isn’t current thinking that Psorigon, like our Skin Cap, was hiding a potent steroid in its ingredients?

Good luck and keep us apprized, Cherry! -Ed


More from Cherry: Hi Ed: Thanks for replying to my email and for wanting to publish my appeal. I've been really busy today, Monday (February 28). I've copied all the World Health Organisation info on Psorigon and I've been in touch with a few of our government departments relating to health.

I also contacted that lawyer that specialises in steroids. He is really proud of me. It seems I've already done most of his work for him. He really believes we have a case. But the more people that can join me and say what has happened to them the better! He says that this gives the manufacturers less chance of saying I just had a bad reaction to the product. I've already had one reply thanks to you distributing my email. I'll keep you up to date. Regards, -Cherry


Ed’s Response: It sounds as though you are making some headway, Cherry. All of we Skin Cap survivors here in the U.S. will be watching your progress with finger’s crossed. Keep the updates coming. -Ed

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