(February, 1999)

New P Song!
from The SBM Monsters!

Dear Ed and ( fellow flakers), I have to tell you that a friend and I ( who are both flakers) logged on to your web sight and about pissed our pants (laughing)!! The little flaky dude itching and scratching was about too funny!! It's hard to keep a sense of humor with the itchy scratchy disease. It's nice to know that we are not alone.... In fact, my friend has written herself [us] a song and it goes like this...

I'm Mary the SBM, I'm Mary the SBM I am!
I'm the psoriasis B monster that lives next door

I'm always trying to find some cure
I'm covered with it from head to toes

and in the summer I wear lots of clothes
I wear them so that nobody will know

I try to hide it so nobody sees
my scabby flaky itchy disease

‘cause I'm Mary the SBM
Mary the SBM I am!

Hope to see more humor in the future. -The SBM monsters!


Ed's Response: How terrific! (Readers: Sing this ditty to the tune of "Henry VIII" ... the Beetles version.) Now we've got two of our very own songs, our Anthem penned by Stealth ... and "SBM." Hey, folks: About 12 more of these and we'll have a song book!

Thanks, monsters. Keep'm coming! -Ed

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