(February, 1999)

Nix the Deodorant Therapy
from Lily [Flower]

Wishing you and all of the flakes..(and others) Happy New Year....and hoping for your New Year to bring Health, Wealth and Happiness.

I am the deodorant person [see links at end]. I have stopped using the deodorant, mainly because my P is no longer growing. The particularly large thingy on my leg has maintained status quo. My scalp is still the same—burny itch and flaky. I have noticed wherever I touch myself is where my P manifests, so am diligently trying not to touch myself... (<giggles> ...get your minds outta the gutter. I mean MY OUTER THIGH).

I would love to have a place to chat with other P people......and you may publish my email address: [email protected] I would love to talk with others....and I forward jokes. Laughter IS the best medicine. And Ed, thank you so much for maintaining the FLAKE page. You are very much appreciated. Love, -Lily


Ed's Response: As tempted as I am, Lily, to jump right into that "touching yourself" business (boy you can set me up, can't you?) ... I'll stick with the motivation behind your "place to chat" comments.

Lily is referencing last month's letter titled "In The Dark in Manila" from John in the Philippines. John wants to start a chat group for Ps. Now, John, you have Lily's e-mail address. Go for it.... I'm still willing to organize a one-time-only chat for Ps that may be interested (especially you, John I.) so, do e-mail me if "type-talking" as a group is something you might find interesting/fun.

Sorry the deodorant therapy is down the tubes for you, Lily. A couple of readers wrote that they were going to try it.... -Ed (P.S. - I don't have to publish everything you write to me, Lily, so if there's anything you want to discuss off the record.......)

In the Dark in Manila

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