(February, 1999)

New Flaker
from Debbie B.

Dear Ed: My son Evan, age 14, was just diagnosed with P on his feet. He has had an ongoing problem with his feet since he was 15 months old, but we didn't realize what it was until our pediatrician looked at a recent "flare" and sent us to a dermatologist. He took a "scraping" from his feet and said we had P. We are very uneducated about it, and I have enjoyed looking at your website. I got a smile from my son's face when I told him he was now officially a "Flaker"! He has no other places affected except the soles of his feet, and in between his toes. The doctor put us on Keflex antibiotic for the secondary infection, and Activane cream for the flare. He explained that P was a genetic thing, and that it would be an ongoing problem, but probably controllable. Do you think he will have problems with other sites in the future? I am studying on it now, but I thought you might give us some quick advise. He has a lot of problems with his knees hurting, and I began wondering about the arthritis that is associated with psoriasis. Any ideas? Is this an autoimmune disease? We have several cases in our family of those, such as fibromyalgia, 1 case of lupus, etc. Is there a chance there is a connection?

I'm sorry to ask so many questions, but like I said we are just beginning to learn about P. If you have time to answer me it would be appreciated. I love your website. Thanks. -Debbie B.


Ed's Response: Hello, Debbie. Glad you found FLAKE HQ, sorry you had to. P is considered an autoimmune disorder with a genetic link, so your suspicions in that area are probably correct. As to your son's prognosis, it's impossible to predict the future course of his psoriasis as exactly what is his "trigger" is a mystery. Chances are good, though, that he won't have to suffer throughout his life. I'm confident we will be inventing "genetic remedies" for things like psoriasis within his lifetime.

In the meantime, I heartily recommend you sign your son up as a member of the National Psoriasis Foundation (http://www.psoriasis.org). Their Bulletin and Pharmacy News will keep him up to date on research and remedies for as long as he needs to be. Membership in the NPF is "whatever you can afford" annually. Visit their web site, if you haven't already.


Welcome to FLAKE HQ. I look forward to future contributions from you AND your son. -Ed

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