(February, 1999)

Exorex and the Grateful Dead
from Sureshvar

I am a fellow sufferer and cat lover, deadhead, and former personal assistant to the band 10,000 maniacs. Like your site. Have you tried or heard any reports on Exorex? Peace and thanks. -Sureshvar


Ed's Response: Ye be a deadhead, eh? Me too ... but somewhat subdued. No matter what anybody thinks of the Grateful Dead's music, I applaud them for being the first to actually PROMOTE opportunities for do-it-yourself tape recording of their performances. Talk about turning Establishment Paranoia Upside Down! I always thought they should have titled an album, "AionaRap"—which is "paranoia" spelled backwards. (See Postscript, below.)

Sorry, "the band 10,000 maniacs" is new to me, but I hope being their personal assistant provided a lifetime of stories for you to share.

I've heard a lot about Exorex, especially when they were running their TV adverts all over the place (mid last year). Go to FLAKE Books, here ... then to More FLAKES: Sneak Previews ... then scroll down to "80% Club." The Exorex ads are what inspired that article. In short, it's a very soft, first-line-of-defense sort of product—the kind my derm would call "easy way"—and one gives it a shot if (a) your condition is mild, and (b) you're not ready to cash out the big bucks for the prescribed heavy hitters. Exorex contains a coal tar derivative and fatty acids derived from bananas. Go "Exorex" at any major search engine and you'll end up at an IMX page. They distribute the product in the U.S. -Ed

Postscript: This whole paragraph about the Grateful Dead could be an embarrassing faux pas. The other day I was talking to a GenXer who referred to "deadheads." When I asked what the Grateful Dead had to do with our discussion he looked at me like I'd just checked out of the known universe. I went on to explain a "deadhead," to me, means a Grateful Dead rock band devotee. He laughed. To him the term meant a geek who hasn't kept up with state-of-the-art computer applications. I can just read my tombstone now: "Ed Dewke: He was Okay to talk to if you speak Old English."

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