(February, 1999)

Another Possible Association Between Ulcerative Colitis and P
from Annette W.

Ed: If you receive any other comments about a tie between ulcerative colitis and psoriasis, please publish them at FLAKE HQ. I have just been diagnosed very recently with a mild case of psoriasis. This is really new to me. I am unaware of anyone else in my family with this; however, I am aware of a family member that had ulcerative colitis.

I appreciated your website and it led me to more help. Thanks! (I'm not sure that I really appreciated your "flaky" guy scratching, however. But, I guess we must keep our sense of humor.....) Thanks again, -Annette W.


Ed's Response: Psori about the recent diagnosis (more inappreciable humor). You're the first to respond to last month's general call for more info connecting UC with P, but as the dialogue will hang conspicuously in the archives until P is cured and FLAKE HQ goes dark (that's unbridled optimism), we are likely to hear more. -Ed

Ulcerative Colitis and P [0199j.htm]

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