(February, 1999)

Painful Nail P
from Danielle V. Z.

Dear Ed: Firstly, Thank You for the great website.

I am hoping someone would be able to help me... I have P on almost my whole body (45% at least). I have always had very deep ridges and bumps in my nails, and have gotten used to it. My biggest problem at the moment is that I have started P really bad under my nails. It causes them to go very yellow under my nails and it is really painful. I have long nails and I have tried cutting them right back to show the P but it means I knock them and that makes it even more painful. But even when my nails are long it is really sore. I have not found anything that works for under the nail. Could anyone suggest anything? Please? -Danielle V. Z.


Ed's Response: Your welcome, and thanks to you and all the other FLAKE HQ readers out there who send me the e-mail that makes this place possible!

Go to "Nail P Therapy: Lose Nail" in this month's mail for a discussion on problematic P of the fingernails, Danielle. What that other exchange does not directly address is your pain. Personally, my P-nails have never been painful—though some of my treatments of nail P have been! (In my book, Flake: Confessions of a Psoriatic, I talk about getting carried away with using power tools to sand the nails, and about a painful and less-than-successful attempt by one derm to remove one of my nails.)

There is another option that I don't like, but has been mentioned to me. And, if your nail P is really painful, you might consider it. It is direct intralesion injection of steroids. I've had this done to other lesions, and have been told it can be done around and under fingernails ... but quite frankly, the aspect of having someone shove needles there gives me the shudders. Maybe there is a way to numb your fingers before the needles go in? If you can endure the injections, and if my experience with intralesion steroid injections is applicable, I would wager the results could be remarkable. Just for information, you might want to discuss this with your derm.

I'd be interested in hearing from anyone else who has found nail P painful ... and anything they've managed to do to improve the condition. (Now I've got to stop typing for a few minutes. My fingertips hurt.) -Ed

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