(February, 1999)

Still More on Tegison, Blood Donating, and Side Effects
from Kelly Z.

Dear Ed: I feel horrible for the young lady who found out that blood donation was not possible simply because she took Tegison 10 years ago. I am a regular donator and came across that question a few years back. I had never taken it so I quickly skimmed passed it. When I recently began my search for a systemic medication, my doctor was very up front with me. While I had read about Tegison and its related party Soriatane, I did not realize the lasting effects. He was great to explain that the lasting effect of Tegison is because it will deposit in the fatty tissues and will gradually release from the fatty tissue as used. Therefore the potential of Tegison in the blood stream is a constant considering how human fat cells are broken down. Because of this, Tegison should NEVER be prescribed to a female of child bearing age (me) or be accepted by that person because of the potential known birth defects. Soriatane on the other hand is suppose to stay in the body for a shorter period of time than Tegison. (I guess anything is shorter than permanently.) My Derm explained the waiting period after coming off of Soriatane is 3 YEARS prior to having children and, as he explained, that is an estimate.

In addition to the above drugs, when it comes to blood donating, I have yet to find any other drug (systemic or topical) which prevented blood donating. I have done PUVA, almost all topicals and Methotrexate. I hope it stays that way, but one can never tell.

I hope the above gives others some of the side affects of some of the drugs which are used to help us out. Thanks again for the space to vent. -Kelly Z.


Ed's Response: Good info, Kelly. Thanks for sharing. I said "no" to all systemics for a whole different set of reasons and evidently dismissed right away this information about the other side effects. (My liver is a mess, my pancreas has already checked out without the rest of me, and my vision is worsening very fast. Virtually every systemic brought to my attention could exacerbate my known problems, so I'd already shut down the dialogue before we could get to the other stuff.) If Stephen King doesn't know about Tegison, he should read up on it....

In the meantime, I should have read up on it too. Check out this page at NPF:


It's the story about Soriatane replacing Tegison. It says Tegison was taken off the market on March 31, 1998. I'm thinking that's good news. It also confirms your statement that women shouldn't get pregnant for THREE YEARS after taking Soriatane. -Ed

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