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Moducare Food Supplements for P?
from Kaye C.

Hi Ed.  I am inquiring as to whether anyone has mentioned, Moducare, a food supplement for psoriasis. I have had psoriasis for over fifty years, and have tried everything  prescribed for it. Nothing seems to help. I read about a lady who tried Moducare for her psoriasis, and it really helped her. I am trying it. Just started two days ago. So it may be some time before I will know if it helps. I am interested to find out if anyone else has tried it. Great web page. Keep up the good work. -Kaye C.


Ed’s Response:  Moducare is new to me, Kaye, but I found their web site interesting. Most natural remedies that I hear help P are immune system boosters, and this has always puzzled me, as P appears to be an already-boosted immune system growing too much skin too fast.  Moducare surprised me in its “Frequently Asked Questions” section by stating their sterols and sterolins-based products appear to “downregulate overactive immune responses” [italics mine] as well as boost inadequate responses.  At least this language comes closer to pushing one of a flaker’s hot buttons.

Please keep us apprized of your experience with Moducare.  And in the meantime, if other readers are using these products, we’d love to hear from them, too.  -Ed

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