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Do Head Lice Like Flaky Scalp?
from John C.

Hi:  Just chatting to my girlfriend about head lice contracted at school by the kids. The advice from the school is that the whole family needs to be checked with a fine tooth comb.

I don't think head lice would like living in my flaky head. Does that mean that P is a cure for head lice? (Just got onto your web site and I didn't know there were people with a sense of humor about the P thing.)

Thanks for reading. -John C.


Ed’s Response:  There’s a number of stories about kids P being mistaken for head lice in the archives here (search on “head lice” on the home page), but we’ve not pursued the question of whether or not lice will actually thrive on a psoriatic scalp.  Interesting question. 

On the one hand, you might think the P scale makes it more difficult for lice to dig in to the blood upon which they feed.  But on the other hand, scalp P is itchy itself and who among us that’s suffered it hasn’t, at one time or another, scratched until we’ve bled?  This being the case, having a scalp P may make blood farming even easier for those pesky critters.

We’ll see if anybody has experience with both forms of head pestilence at the same time.  -Ed

P.S. — If scalp P does inhibit head lice I’m not sure I’d call it a “cure.”  At best it might be the lesser of two evils.  And maybe that’s not even true as head lice are easier to get rid of.

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