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Children as Balm to Flaker Parents
from Melissa

Ed:  I had found your site a couple of years ago and found it very entertaining. I'm originally from Kentucky (Hopkins County — western part of state), so until I read that you're not from there I had considered we might just be kin. I am a 30 year old lady who has suffered from psoriasis off and on (mostly on) since I was in my early twenties. 

It's heartbreaking to know that others have it worse but it's also nice to know there are folks out there who understand what it feels like to have a total stranger at the supermarket give you the look and say "What's wrong with your face?"  I have a small percentage of psoriasis, but it happens to be on my ears and a few other pretty noticeable places like elbows and my forehead.

Luckily I have a wonderful 3 year-old daughter who loves her mommy, scales and all, and a heaven-sent husband who is very supportive and helps me to laugh about the fact that I leave a little bit of me everywhere I go.

I'm greatly pleased to have found your page again. Clara's response of not wanting to wash away the scales made me want to cry. How sweet!

All the Best to you and yours! -Melissa


Ed’s Response:  I’m glad you found FlakeHQ again, Melissa.  While Hopkins county is far enough West to sometimes make us Blue Grassers think the State line has been misplaced, you do warm a seat or two in the State house and that’s okay <wink>.

The children who love us do make a difference, Melissa.  I’m aware of this as a flaker grandparent.  It warms me in that innocently egotistical way to think that my closeness to my grandchildren will make them tolerant when they are fully grown.  They won’t be folk who say to a stranger with visible lesions on her face, “What’s that?”  The worst pain of those months when PA made my legs so sore was not being able to have these babies bouncing on my knee. 

Stay in touch, Melissa.  –Ed

P.S. – Grand child number 6 (grand son number 4) will be joining us in June.

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