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Dietary Supplement Recipe Cleared P
from John W.

I know that you deal with a lot of psoriatics, but I just wanted to give you a brief insight into my P experience.

I have dealt with P since '89 and on different occasions have been anywhere from 90% clear to 90% covered. Well anyway, I am presently 100% clear and have been so since I started the following regimen. I am no doctor, but this has worked for both myself and a fellow sufferer. It goes like this:

Each AM we take the following with milk. Instead of milk, you can use Equate®:

200mg of Zinc
50 mg of Vitamin D
1 tab folic acid
1 tab B12
1 tab of B6
1 Multivitamin (i.e. One a Day, Geritol)
3 capsules Omega 3 Fish oil
2 grams of Vitamin E (Gelcaps)
100 Mg of vitamin A
1 aspirin
3 gel tabs of Evening Primrose Oil

I have now been clear 8 months. Usually I am at least 60% covered at this time of year.

Maybe this will help someone else. I am no longer leaving DNA all over the place! -John W.


Ed’s Response: Thanks for the "recipe," John. How did you learn about this particular combination of food supplements? Many homeopathic approaches to P involve supplements that include some of the things I see in your list (zinc, for instance is commonly — and argumentatively — associated with P therapy). Also, I’m wondering if dosages — about which your list is precise — aren’t dependent upon body size at all?

You wrote you have been clear "since I started the following regimen." It must have taken some number of weeks for your lesions to actually subside. Could you tell us about how many? I ask because that’s always the question I get (and ask myself) ... When should I expect to see improvement?

And let me digress for a moment for a general comment about dietary supplement regimens:

Folks, we’ve got to start looking carefully at non-prescription solutions. I was appalled to figure out the cost of my P therapies (all conventional therapies) in 2000 was about $7,000! For the moment, I have both health and prescription insurance. If I did not have this coverage, I would not be pursuing the course of therapy I am. (But I was equally dismayed to discover my insurance was paying considerably smaller portions of these bills than the policy suggests!) While I am a cartwheel-turning optimist about new therapies for P in the development pipeline now — and the probability of a cure in the not-so-distant future — I’m scared most of us will not be able to afford these "solutions" when they become available.

In this environment, the counter-scares the traditional medicine ideologues throw back at us — "dietary supplements can be dangerous or a waste of money" — begin to sound like histrionics. Of course we need to be careful. That goes without saying. But how careful are we being when we increase our dependency upon ever-more-expensive prescription therapies and dismiss out-of-hand possible solutions that are much more affordable?

So... I say again to you, John. Thanks for the recipe. I hope you’ll email back with more details. Meanwhile, anyone who tries John’s recipe is invited to share results with all of us. -Ed

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