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Cocoa Butter to Abate Itch
from Holly H.

Dear Ed: Your site is, as always, uplifting and humorous. I was reading your "Bitching About Itching" and I figured I'd toss you what I've found that works for both me and my dad.

I got pregnant in November of '99, and of course, wanting as few yucky discolorations on my skin as possible, picked up some Cocoa Butter Cream for the inevitable stretch marks. As time went by, I ended up using it more on the P on my legs than on my stretch marks. It works wonderfully. It softens the scales so that there's a minimum of flakes. And because the flakes don't get caught on your clothing or nails, there's a minimum of scratching and itching. I use actual cream (only because I haven't run out of it yet) and my father uses more of a lotion type cocoa butter. The best part of the whole thing is that it's cheap. You can get it at K-Mart, Wal-Mart, ShopKo, etc, etc. The tub I got is about 12 oz and it was $1.89 or something like that. My dad got a bottle type thing of 1/2 gallon or something for under $5.00. I'd like to hear if anyone you know of has tried this and if it does anything for anyone else...

Take care, and of course, try to stop itching! -Holly H.


Ed’s Response: Now that’s a remedy that’s too convenient not to try. And it comes at exactly the right time of year, Holly. Thanks!

We’d like to hear from anybody else who’s found Cocoa Butter on lesions reduces itching. -Ed

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