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Hoping Pork-less Will Help
from Al T.

My name is Al. 51 years old. P for 25 years. Had a 75% body flare 2 years ago. Barely under control now at 40% and a little less angry. Using Triamcinolone Ointment and Sulfasalazine. Diagnosed in 1990 with Hep C.

I just got back from Baja on vacation. I met a guy from Canada who saw me and said he was on a regimen that got him 100% clear. This was a few years ago and he was, in fact, looking good with some faint discoloration on his skin. He said he followed the advice of a Dr. from Washington and cut out Pork, etc.

Then I found your site and read Eating Right in Kansas. This has to be the booklet he was talking about. He is going to send it to me and I'll report if it helps me. It would help to know where to buy it also. Do you know?

Read the letter from Jamaica too. I was there 4 months ago and improved a lot. The Baja trip was an attempt to recreate the benefit but it didn't work (because the water was too cold to go in, I think).

By the way, I cured a rapidly growing problem with Psoriatic Arthritis by cutting out citrus products in 1992. I've been good ever since. Love your site. -Al T.


Ed’s Response: Neither my desk reference nor the web could tell me much about triamcinolone ointment. I did learn that triamcinolone acetonide (without the "ointment") is an anti-inflamatory used for bronchial asthma. Another flaker also mentioned using "triamcinolone cream" in the January 24th National Psoriasis Foundation on-line chat. So, they must be using triamcinolone as a topical steroid, now. What I don’t know is how it’s rated in the "strong" to "mild" spectrum. I also learned that sulfasalazine is most commonly used for ulcerative colitis (a condition that may be genetically similar to P ... see "ulcerative colitis" in the Archives here).

Nor did I have any new luck trying to locate Dr. Robert Connolly’s No Pork, again. (Interestingly enough, on the www.northernlight.com search engine, searching on "Dr. Robert Connolly" the first and only relevant link in the results was Sheryl H.’s "Eating Right in Kansas" from FlakeHQ! ... YaHOO! ... er ... oops.)

You're the second person reporting here that eliminating citrus helped (the first report was from Sue in 1998).

It sounds like in 25 years of wrestling the beast, Al, you’ve come across some pretty specific palliatives ... even if Baja, California isn’t one of them. Speaking of which, our friend Ruud from Jamaica would probably tell you Baja is in the wrong ocean <wink>. Stay in touch, Al. -Ed

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