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Looking for Home UV Suppliers
from Richard G. and Tony O.

Hi, I was searching the web for any information I could get on light therapy for psoriasis. Saw your FlakeHQ web page and I was hoping you could give me some information. I can’t find any web sites that will tell me how to do light therapy myself at home. They say go see my doctor. I don't have any insurance. Could you tell me where I could buy a lamp? I have tried like a million different goos and they aren't too helpful. I promise I'll be very careful and use the instructions I found or any advice you give me but I really hope you can help me. Thanks, -Richard G.


Hi there. I have been a psoriasis sufferer for about 20 years, most of which was mild. Recently though it has gotten a lot worse and I have decided to purchase a sun bed for use at home. I was wondering if you knew of a supplier of UVB Sun Lamps that I could contact? I have been in touch with Philips Solaria in regard to purchasing a lamp but they inform me that they do not supply them fitted with UVB lamps. -Tony O.


Ed’s Response: Probably your best source of information about home UV units is the National Psoriasis Foundation Product Directory which is free to members. For more information go to this "About NPF Membership Page."

As a member of NPF you can also receive printed copies of their periodicals. The Resource carries ads and usually has one or more about home use UV lamps.

You can find some leads right here. In the Archives, UV Lamp is from a manufacturer. Also, in the Archives look under "UV, Homemade" for other email exchanges including one do-it-yourselfer who even provides parts numbers for ordering the bulbs.

One caveat: Medical UV lamps are supposed to provide measured dosages of particular wavelengths of light — at degrees of accuracy you cannot expect from "tanning lamps." In the U.S. I believe these products require a prescription, so going this route won’t necessarily save you derm expenses.

Good luck! -Ed

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