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"Psoriasis Psoriasis" - a poem
by Ira-Jane W.

HI Ed. Wow. Your website is still wonderful. Keep up the good work! I haven't written you for a while, so just popped in to pull your chain! tehe You be good! Your Canadian friend, -Ira-Jane W.

January 16, 2001


Psoriasis Psoriasis
Makes me wanna hiss
Psoriasis Psoriasis
Sends me not to bliss.
You can flake in the morning.
You can flake at nite
Makes you look a frightful site!
And scratch away
Til you set it right.

Psoriasis Psoriasis
Blotchy unsightly burning red!
Cream in the mornin,
Tub at night!
And shower, shower, shower!
Doak oil, smoke oil, Vitamin B
Bag balm too
Cover it up; wrap in saran
Try, oh try, to get a UVB tan.
Anthralin, Oatmeal,
Cortisone, and Methotrexate
Watch out lesions
Here we come!

Psoriais psoriasis
It truly is my big sis.
Where's the cure?
Is it nowhere near?
Shall I scream or shout?
Or I shall I just pout!
As well you know,
It really is
The heartbreak of millions
Moultin, joltin,
Down the road of life
Just a-dealin with this strife.

Psoriasis Psoriasis
Staying bonded,
Staying glued,
Gotta new derm,
Who's very cute,
Gives me 5 good minutes
Every week!
He/she gives me hope and
Keeps me on track!!

Psoriasis Psoriasis
An exterior experience!
Makes me unique
Oops, don't peak!
Scale everywhere
Need a new vac!
Need a new snake
Get that tub drain unplugged!

It's comin back!

Psoriasis Psoriasis
It's ok
So they say,
Someday it may go away
But, til then,
I'll just play.
So keep your cool,
Relax in the pool!
Do not snear
Cause you can come near
It's only:

Psoriasis Psoriasis




Ed’s Response: It’s always a delight to hear from you. Consider your poem at home at FlakeHQ! -Ed

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