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No, Those with Cancer Aren’t Luckier
from Linda N.

Backstory: In a Sense, Those with Cancer are Luckier -from PD

Hello Ed, I am desperately searching the Internet for information on how to control psoriasis and reduce the burning and itching. I know there is no cure, however I know there can be relief.

Searching through the archives I came across a note from PD who stated that people with cancer are luckier than people with psoriasis. My advice to PD is to be careful what you wish for.

I agree that P is very frustrating, irritating, and painful; however, you know you cannot die from it. Living with P is difficult. Living with Lymphoma is hell.

Like Lance Armstrong, I too was given a second chance, but not without consequences. The chemotherapy destroyed my lungs and my immune system. The radiation destroyed my salivary glands, and my thyroid. I am effected by cancer and psoriasis daily.

Trust me cancer is worse. My advice to PD is to be thankful for what you have, and grateful for what you don't have. -Linda N.


Ed’s Response: I’m glad you found us, Linda, and I’m glad you shared your sentiment with us. I wish that, in exchange for this, I could hand you a solution to P’s burning and itching, but all I can really offer you is our ears and this place that welcome’s you. -Ed

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