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Committed to Raising Public Awareness in 2001
from Lorrie W.

Dear Ed: I found your wonderful site three days ago. My eyes are so blood shot from reading the archives. I am not even close to the end. I fear it will take me forever to read all the entries. But that's ok with me!

I am 35 years old and I live in Ohio. I have had P since I was 11 and my case was brought on by a very severe trauma. I have tried everything under, over and around the sun to clear my 70-75% coverage of P just like everyone else.

I am currently taking Methotrexate and the side affects were a killer (headaches, nausea, mild fever, fatigue). I have found that taking a folic acid supplement stops the side effects completely.

I have inquired with my pharmacy to see if I should not take the folic acid since that is one of the things that M affects. They said that it will not change what the M is doing. We'll see!

Anyway, the reason for dropping you a line is to say THANK YOU for just being you.

My goals for the year 2001 are P specific. I have accepted my P (but I am still going to try to clear it) and I am going to begin a P support group in my county. I informed everyone that I work with (approx. 90 people) that I have P and that I will be here to answer any questions they may have and to show them what it looks like. I have also asked my Derm and his staff for assistance. I feel comfortable wearing short sleeved shirts finally. Not pants because I have fat legs. If someone asks me what I have or what is wrong with me, I ask them if they have a few minutes. I am also going to get in touch with our local schools and speak to the health dept's to see if I can stop in when they are studying skin conditions to enlighten the kids and staff somewhat.

I would like to use some of the letters that are in your archives if you don't mind. I feel that they will be of great assistance to our group.

Thank you again! I will continue to read the archive until I have read them ALL. Sincerely, foreverspotty, -Lorrie W.


Ed’s Response: Wow! I think, Lorrie, that if you read every letter exchange in the FlakeHQ archive (slightly over 500 at this writing) you will be the second person to have done so.

I was told to take a folic acid supplement with my MTX when I was on that regimen, and I wonder now if doing so spared me all those side effects you experienced?

Your goals for 2001 are indeed laudable. I wish you the best of luck with the support group and spreading the word in your county. Of course, you know that the National Psoriasis Foundation can offer assistance.... And feel free to use anything you find here at FlakeHQ to help the cause.

Let us know how things proceed for you — personally and collectively. Thanks gain, Lorrie. -Ed

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