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Broken Ankle Made Lesions Go Away
from Shirley F.

Hi. I'm a 65 year old English woman and have been reading FlakeHQ for several years. How are you? We always seem to be telling you and each other how we are.

I have pustular P, messed up nails and arthritis. My P is sleeping at the moment!

Last May I broke my ankle (you name a bone, it broke). So I sported metal bone splints and a plaster cast for 3 months. When I was deplastered my P was gone in that foot ... and also the other ... and my hands, too. I wonder if I have discovered a new cure? (Somehow I don't think it will take off.)

I live with my husband in a small bungalow in a village and am a retired teacher. Keep as well as you can! -Shirley F.


Ed’s Response: Good to hear from you, Shirley. Picturing your "small bungalow in a village" in England conjures many lovely imagined scenes.

With regard to the state of my P, the cyclosporine is gradually losing effectiveness. My fingernails are corrupting again, I have a small plaque lesion on one leg, flexural lesions returning in the groin area, and the psoriatic arthritis is bad in one finger and a thumb as well as "becoming noticeable" again in one knee. I’m not talking any more about it because I’m trying to ignore it. (You know ... maybe it will go away?)

Your clearance is indeed mysterious. (Did Agatha Christi live in your village?) I’ve always heard — and my own experience has borne out — that trauma can inspire a flare-up but it takes about 3 months. It appears the reverse can happen, too. Or perhaps there is more at work in your case. Once you got over the trauma of the major ankle break, did your reduced capacity engender a 3 month-long stress-free recuperation? Was it a long holiday? (I’m only being slightly facetious. If the world did slow down for you for those few weeks it might have subdued the P.)

Anyway, I’m glad that it happened for you the way it did. And, just for my own consideration in the event my cyclosporine gives up completely, how did you go about breaking your ankle? -Ed

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