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Dr. Mirkin’s New "Cure"
from Dave A.

I haven't tried many things for my psoriasis, but it has become worse, so I need to try something. Check out this link and let me know if you've heard of anyone else trying it. -Dave A.

"A New Treatment for Psoriasis," by Gabe Mirkin, M.D.


Ed’s Response: This is the second email this month to mention triamcinolone (actually, it’s mentioned in the referenced article). Also see Al T.’s Hoping Pork-less Will Help.  Somehow or another I was sleeping when triamcinolone entered the arsenal of P drugs.

Anyway, your article was quite interesting, Dave, and no, I’ve not heard about this before. In case the link above dies (as they all do, sooner or later) I’ll quote from the first paragraph of Mirkin’s 2-paragraph article:

"A few months ago I reported on a new breakthrough treatment using a drug to treat diabetes that cleared total body psoriasis. I have now cured three patients with total body psoriasis with Avandia and an injection of triamcinolone. Thick plaques that covered the entire body are gone in two months , and the nails are clearing also."

Mirkin goes on to say that Avandia, in combination with Actos, are a replacement diabetic drug for Rezulin, which was taken off the market because it caused liver damage.

I would be smiling were it not for one word in Mirkin’s write-up — cured. Mirkin has some impressive credentials (see http://drmirkin.com/) that leave me scratching my head. Surely he doesn’t mean "cured." Perhaps Dr. Mirkin needs a more exacting copy writer.

Let us know, Dave, if you pursue this course. Do you have to go to Mirkin? -Ed

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