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Docs Getting Rich off Meds?
from Derk S.

I just wanted to say that Doctors are raking in BIG BUCKS from all the medication given to patients. Do you really think they are in a hurry to find a cure?? NO OF COURSE NOT!!!! -Derk S.


Ed’s Response: I think Docs get their piece of the action through appointments with patients that result in prescriptions. I do believe the financial relationship between the pharmaceutical industry and doctors is mostly above board. Nonetheless, some pretty rank stuff still takes place. For example, here in Kentucky a few years back there was a scandal about doctors in some of the mountain counties (Appalachia) divvying out prescriptions that were supposed to require visits, but not really visiting the patients receiving the prescriptions. These patients were nearly all, or exclusively, Medicare and Medicaid patients — a fact which contributed to catching the perpetrators — because those docs filed claims for visits that didn’t happen. (It irritates me that I have to endure a 45-minute wait, 10-minute visit and $45 bill from my derm just to get my topical prescriptions renewed ... and most of the time with the derm is spent in chit-chat that could have been handled over the phone or via email. If he were willing to "infract" a bit and renew my prescripts with merely a phone call, would I take him up on the offer?)

It’s easy to believe derms might not be excited about curing P because of their potential lost income, but my arguments this month in response to Courtney J. — She’s Happier Not Fighting P — hint at equally understandable reasons why they might be eager for a cure. In a word — We get really irritable when our derms don’t help. -Ed

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