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Greetings from Saskatchewan
from Regina

Hi. I just discovered your site and read some of the mail. I am 64 and have had psoriasis off and on (more on than off) since 14. Treatment wise I have literally been there done that. I have been on and off of Methotrexate for the past 30 years (and 5 liver biopsies), have maxed out on UVA, and now tar and UVB are out of fashion.

Being retired I spend some of my time promoting the CPF (Canada’s answer to the NPF) and try to help where I can to fund raise and help people who are having a problem coping with this condition. All in all just wanted to say hello, and how much I enjoyed your site. Regards from Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada.


Ed’s Response: Thanks for stopping by and dropping a note, Regina ... but do you have to leave so soon? Please tell us more about what it was like to be on and off MTX for 30 years! Obviously, your liver tolerated the drug well, but what kind of a job did it do palliating your flaking across all those years? I have found NO literature describing long-term effects. Your story would be precious to us. COME BACK REGINA! -Ed

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