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Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis
from Glorya L.

Thanks for your website. I've "visited" many and find yours open, warm, informative, funny and more than interesting.

My husband has suffered with psoriatic arthritis for many years and has only had me in his life for ONE year. Because of my background and practice, NATURALLY I'm determined to find the "answer" and heal his suffering. Uhmmmmmmmmm? [Check out] www.weme.com.

Just to PROVE how determined to HEAL (not only HIM, but YOU too!) let me offer an observation. I noticed that you've had your Calico for the same number of years as your psoriasis. Dan, my lucky husband, is SUPER sensitive to cat dander and has increased symptoms when exposed to kitties.

I've worked with many clients and had good to great results with hypnosis and self-hypnosis for itching and even breakouts. -Glorya L.


Ed’s Response: We would be interested in reading about how Dan’s PA fares under hypnosis or self-hypnosis. I had heard that hypnosis can help abate scratching, which for many flakers (myself included) contributes as much to the condition as the genetic predisposition. For whatever reason, hypnosis is rarely mentioned—even as an alternative therapy—for psoriasis. I suppose we rationalize that, since P is a genetic proclivity, our minds have no control over the disease. I don’t know if that’s true or not. But I do know that scratching is a behavior our minds do have control over, and scratching is probably the single greatest exacerbator of flaming P lesions. If you want to tell us how hypnosis can help curb our manic scratching, please do so.

About my own case, I can count the cat-less years of my life on one hand. So, for 30 years I lived with cats and did not flake. Given my more-than-symbiotic relationship with my felines, even if you told me I would be 100% cured of all that ails me by getting rid of my cats, I think I would say, "No, Glorya. It’s not that bad—yet." (In raising the slightly possible connection, Glorya, you’ve made my thoughts go in weird directions. Last night, for example, with Butterscotch beside me and Bogie in my lap, I asked: If you two ARE responsible for some of my ailments, what possible tortures might I be inflicting unwittingly on you? Bogie harumphed. Butterscotch glanced at me sidedly and asked what I’d been smoking.)

Thanks, Glorya! -Ed

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