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Shake My Slimy Hand
from Adey G.

Dear Ed: I checked out your site after seeing a message that was posted to the alt.support.skin-diseases.psoriasis newsgroup, and I had to see the site for myself to believe that there really was one called FlakeHQ.com!

Whilst reading your Don't Say This quotes, I giggled, but when I read your Articles page I laughed, out loud. For the first time ever, I actually found myself laughing about a condition that I have suffered for years!

I have just this week returned from Boston on business, where I had to cut my stay short due to my psoriatic hands bringing me very close to tears with the pain and discomfort of it all. If I had to shake another hand, I had to apologize afterwards to the person for 'sliming them' with a cream covered hand-shake!

I will return to your site regularly from now on, and once again, thanks for making me laugh over a condition that usually makes me feel lonely and desperate. Best Regards, -Adey G. (U.K)


Ed’s Response: I’m glad you are enjoying FlakeHQ by overturning both the intended and unintended giggles buried here. I certainly empathize with your flaming hands. After having enjoyed several months of virtually lesion-free hands (thanks to Methotrexate) they are finally starting to flare again. I just had my own prescript for "slime" upgraded to a stronger compound. I’m traveling on business in two days, too. I know about those uncomfortable handshakes. (Ever found yourself wishing you had a big zit on your nose so they wouldn’t notice your hands?)

So you crossed the pond recently on business and did not stop by for a visit? Well, Adey ... I hope you weren’t selling tea in Boston. The last bunch of tea from the U.K. was ceremoniously—and without compensation—brewed as one batch in Boston Harbor. <wink>

I hope you’ll visit often. -Ed

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