(January, 1999)

Ulcerative Colitis Became Psoriasis
from DSD

Hi. I hope that this email finds you in festive spirits. I have been a sufferer of colitis for some five years. I have recently developed a cutaneous manifestation of ulcerative colitis which has meant that I have developed psoriasis.

I was wondering if any other sufferers could share there experiences as the condition is debilitating and despite continual treatment with different medications—e.g. Dermovate scalp application and Dovonex cream—I am still suffering. -DSD


Ed's Response: I went to the net for info on ulcerative colitis and found that it is "generally believed to be an autoimmune disorder; i.e., the person's immune system is the source of the problem. Stress does not cause the disease although it may exacerbate the flare up." (See site reference at bottom.) That certainly associates UC—semantically, at least—with P, since both are thought to be autoimmune disorders.

You are the first to report, here, an evolution of ulcerative colitis into psoriasis. But I'm sure that's a pioneer credit you'd just as soon not claim. Meanwhile, if other readers are in a similar boat, please send e-mail. The big question, of course, is, What are you doing about it? -Ed

About colitis: http://moon.ouhsc.edu/aminocha/ibd.html

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