(January, 1999)

Hand P
from Pat W.

I live on the coast and will try the sea water treatment at home and will let you know if I think it helps. I have it on my hands primarily—the rest of me has not bloomed yet.

I was on steroids for "allergies" and finally it was determined to be the big P. I am on Diprolene, and Dovonex and Doxepine at night to help me keep from itching. It's the itching that really drives me nuts. Also, my hands are so painful that I have trouble dealing with this disease.

Enjoy the website and all the letters of encouragement. -Pat W.


Ed's Response: Do let us know about the sea water treatment, Pat. This past year my hands, too, have become my biggest P-related problem. As I've mentioned here before, 1998 was the first year since manifesting my P that my hands NEVER cleared. Normally, my lesions are on the backs of my hands, behind the palm and stretching down along the fingers to involve the nails. (My grandchildren seem thrilled by the weirdness of this. Papa Ed has become their very own science fiction character ... an Alien in the family! Find this hard to imagine? CLICK HERE!)

Every now and again, though, I get a lesion on the palm of one or the other hand. One started forming in my right palm about a month ago. Right smack dab in the middle. Two days ago, it cracked in the middle. I can't recall doing anything extraordinary to make it crack. I noticed, first, the drop of blood on my computer mouse. Then I turned over my hand and saw the source. "Just what I need!" I said to myself. "Stigmata!" -Ed

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