(January, 1999)

Doc Promises Over Night Cures!
from Joanne T.

Hi, I'm 14 and had psoriasis all my life really bad on my hands, feet and scalp. I'm sick of going to doctors. They all say the same thing that there is this new wonder drug out that will make it disappear over night. We buy them and use them for weeks but they do nothing. It's so frustrating. -Joanne T.


Ed's Response: Hi Joanne. I'm sorry you have to have P at your age. But I'm even SORRIER that you are going to doctors who appear to be misleading you! Joanne, we all search for and sometimes find treatments that make our P better, but very few of us have found anything that makes it go away forever. The chances are good, though, that before you are my age, something WILL BE discovered to rid you of those irritating lesions for good! So there's no good reason to give up HOPE. In the meantime, we all settle for periodic improvements.

Do me a favor. Tell your parents that if your doctor is promising to clear up your psoriasis over night, you need a new doctor. Also, I'd like to know that doctor's name. -Ed

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