(January, 1999)

In The Dark in Manila
from John in the
Philippines (via ICQ chat on 12/27)

"I live in Manila, in the Philippines. My P started when I was 15 (I am 18 now). I was in high school and psoriasis was almost on every part of me except my face. I had to stop school. My parents took me to the states for a 2 month vacation. We all hoped the vacation would heal me. But instead it got worse. I had to come back to Manila ... and almost tried every doctor to no avail. Now I am in college and still suffering.

"Are there people in NPF who are testing every possible cure? You know, like what those DISEASE CONTROL guys are doing with Ebola, like being in a chemistry room with all these potions and burning acids and the stuff like that?" -John I. via ICQ


Ed's Response: John caught me on-line bright and early last Sunday morning and the above is excerpted from our live typed discussion. First of all, I need to apologize to John....

John, I'm sorry I was so unresponsive to your earlier messages asking for help to start a regular Internet Chat for psoriatics. I won't, for reasons I've already shared with you, give you the list of email addresses for people who write to me at FLAKE HQ. However, by posting this bit of our dialogue here, I ask FLAKE HQ readers who would be interested in participating in a live "chat" to e-mail me ... and we'll go from there.

After John and I chatted on-line for several minutes last Sunday, he told me I was the one and only psoriatic he had ever talked to. That kind of got me inside the rib cage, if you know what I mean. No one should be that isolated. I would like to organize at least one "chat" for John. He'd appreciate learning about others of our kind, and I ... well ... I'd like to know more about Manila!

The NPF is sponsoring some psoriasis research, John, though I doubt it fits your description of a chemistry lab with bubbling potions and burning acids! Visit their web site to learn more. (See link in "Other Places.")

If anyone out there is game to have a "chat" with John, do let me know and I'll see what I can organize. (If you haven't done Internet Chat before, don't worry, it's free and I can help you.) -Ed

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