Communications (December, 1997)

Vicks for P?
by Hazel

Dear Ed: Glad to see that your site is still there and looking good. The dreaded P is still with me and recently the itching was driving me mad. A few years ago I had chicken pox and found out by accident that Vicks Vapor Rub stopped the itching like magic. I was desperate to stop the itching and decided to try Vicks for the psoriasis. It works for about 4-5 hours and on the second day I got rid of just about all of that dreadful dead skin. I know that it won't work for everyone, but if it helps some people and stops the scratching I'll be glad. Don't tell the Vicks people or the price will rocket. Now if anyone can give me any ideas about how to relieve the pain of the arthritis that goes with my P I will be most grateful.

Ed, your site keeps me sane—don't ever give up. Thanks. -Hazel (Rustenburg, South Africa)


Ed's Reply:

Thanks for the Vicks tip, Hazel. I'm going to try it on some of my recalcitrant itchers. I have a fond history with Vicks Vapor Rub. I had terrible hay fever when I was a little boy and Vicks was my mom's standard nighttime treatment. It got rubbed on my neck and "occluded" under a wool sock ... it got rubbed into my chest ... tablespoons full of it got glopped into the water of my steam vaporizer ... I was "vapored" constantly. I had my sweetest dreams while "under the influence" of Vicks' vapors. That those same vapors might palliate the itching of psoriasis doesn't surprise me in the least; and, at the very least, the moisturizers in the base might loosen the flakes.

So, thanks for reminding me that, sometimes, history SHOULD repeat itself! -Ed

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