Communications (December, 1997)

Just enough to make it liveable...
by Christine

Dear Ed: Discovered the Flake site as I was looking for new information on the disease that has been a part of my life for 25 years. I am 31. As a child, I remember the thick plaque lesions of psoriasis that made leaning on my elbow hell. Somewhere along the way, it changed into guttate psoriasis, and pretty much covers every region of my body. I have had great dermatologists/doctors that treated me as the 'guinea pig' of their career. One told me "Choose the pills that will eventually hurt your liver, or choose no social life." I was nineteen, and told him where to go. My social life was just fine. Some people are shallow, but there are a lot of people out there who see beyond the surface (Thank God!). I have even had dermatologists tell me the side effects I'm suffering from are not caused by the drug they are giving me. (NO, but the pamphlet that came with the drug listed hundreds of possible side-effects, and my problems just happened to be there!) Hmmm. I, too, am one of those patients to whom doctors ask, "Well, what do you want then?" After many years, and many 'remedies,' I choose to deal with the least harmful drugs. I use enough only to make my psoriasis livable. As for dealing with other people, I've heard just about everything, and I have gotten thick skinned (excuse the pun). Still, like my fellow "P" sufferers, there are certain days, certain moments, when I do allow myself to wallow a bit, then I say how lucky I am and get on with my life.

Great to read and experience your site. It makes us all feel better when we can commiserate. -Christine, Nova Scotia, Canada


Ed's Reply:

Thanks for visiting, Christine, and for sharing your positive, healthful attitude about living with your psoriasis. -Ed

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