Communications (December, 1997)

Flake HQ Anthem!
by Stealth

Hi Ed. Yesterday I discovered you! I've read everything on your Website. I admire your approach to the subject. I, personally, have never found any humor in this affliction; that is, until I discovered your web pages. In a moment of craziness I composed (plagerized?) the following song. The appropriate instrumental accompaniment should be obvious. Hope you enjoy it. -Stealth

Oh the flakes you can see
by the dawn's early light
And so proudly we hide
what the twilight tries gleaming

And the patches red glare
The flakes fly through the air
Give proof through the night
that our problem's still there

Oh say does that scale spangled flaker still shed—
O're the bathroom, o're the house,

O're the hallway and bed.


Ed's Reply:

I'm am pleased to announce that Flake HQ now has an official Anthem! (For flakers outside the U.S., note: The words are sung to "Star Spangled Banner," the National Anthem of the United States.) Thanks so much for the contribution, Stealth. I don't know what else to say ... except, perhaps, "Play ball?" -Ed

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