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Mild Flaker Checks In
from MiklB

Thanks for your site.  Found it before biting on the LearnPsoriasis.com site.  [See “www.LearnPsoriasis.com—Grrrrrr” in the July-August 2007 Briefing.]

I've had mild psoriasis for 50 years (yes, I'm older than dirt). In the mid-60s I wandered into the National Psoriasis Foundation (I and it were born in Portland, OR), picked up the free brochures and went away wondering why I had been spending $40 per Dermatologist visit.  Nobody really had a cure.

I've tried many topicals, over the counter and prescription, though most of my life I've controlled my mild case with Bag Balm and a dull knife.

I learned about and joined the PsorChat group because of your site.

Thanks again and Ride On, -MiklB


Ed’s Response:  Thanks for writing, Mikl. Glad you found us. I think we’re under-represented, here at FlakeHQ, by the “mild psoriasis” population. I believe there are lots of mild psoriatics that are never diagnosed. My father always had flakey ears, but didn’t learn it was psoriasis until he was in his Seventies and asked a derm for a diagnosis after I prodded him.

Depending upon where and when your psoriasis flares, it may or may not be as isolating as it can be for those with moderate to severe P.  The relative severity of the disease is another curious characteristic that makes understanding the mechanism difficult. All of us start out “mild.”  What makes some of us keep getting worse? Or, perhaps more important to all of us, what prevents YOU from getting worse?  If we knew the answers to those questions, we might be a lot closer to a cure for all of us. 

I hope you’ll stay in touch, Mikl.  -Ed

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