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Tegison Available in Japan
from Shane J.

Hi Ed:  I was just prescribed Tegison "10" in Japan.

I live in Canada, where I get Soriatane when needed, but I'm on a road trip and had almost used up my flat of Soriatane. I've had Pustular Psoriasis that shows up every so often with a vengeance, and I go up to the Soriatane max 75mg/day to get it under control (takes about 2 weeks) and when possible wean off (usually takes 2-3 more months).

The Japanese doctor told me that 2 x the 10 mg of Tegison will be equal to the 3 x 25 mg of Soriatane that I am taking now.  (If I back off to 2 x 25 mg of the Soriatane, the pustules show up again.)

I just wanted to let you know that Tegison is available in Japan.  I saw a couple of people asking about availability possibly in other places.

And if you know whether 20 mg of Tegison is the same as 75 mg of Soriatane, I'd like to hear about it.

Thank you. -Shane J.


Ed’s Response:  Thanks for writing, Shane.  Hope you enjoyed your road trip in Japan.  Tegison  hasn’t been sold in the U.S. since 1998.  Its active ingredient, acitretin, is now contained in Soriatane, which doesn’t leave the long-lasting systemic residual that made Tegison pre-empt users from donating blood.

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