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More on Hair Loss and Methotrexate
from Christine A.

Hi.  Just read the posts between you and Caroline regarding hair loss and MTX (methotrexate).  Just wanted to add my experience:

I have been on MTX treatment several times over 10 years, but this last round was the one where I saw REAL hair thinning all over my head, especially on the crown. My friends have noticed it. I believe this occurred because I took MTX for six months — the longest I have ever been on the stuff. I will be taking myself off now over the next few weeks because I am so distraught over this hair loss. Nonetheless, I wanted to let Caroline (or anyone else who is interested) know that yes, MTX can cause hair loss.


Ed’s Response:  Thanks for contributing your experience to our discussion, Christine.  I’m sure this makes Caroline or, more recently, Dermafunk feel a little less alone. At the time I responded to Caroline (April, 2000) I really hadn’t heard much about hair loss from methotrexate. Caroline, Dermafunk, you, and a few others have since set me straight. -Ed

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